Annual Meeting 2020

Chemelot InSciTe is knowledge driven and society oriented. Together with our partners, we develop biomedical materials for clinical application and we develop new and sustainable production methods for chemicals from renewable resources. We are committed to accelerate the road from concept to market and validate the impact of our work. We unite a community of R&D and businesses at our annual meetings to share know-how, expertise and experience and report the progress and outcome of our projects. For four years now these meetings have always been an inspiring exchange between universities, industries and entrepreneurs.

This year our annual meeting in September was a little different than before: an inspiring virtual event instead of a physical get-together because of the Covid-19 impact. This event was broadcasted live at 29 September 2020 as a 2 hour inspiring and innovative online show in which we illustrated how we are ‘Connecting Communities’ for the accelerated development of innovations. We were pleased to hear a lot of enthusiastic reactions from our participants for offering both a biomedical and a biobased livestream, which are still available to watch here:

Biobased livestream and videos:
Click here to visit the Biobased page.

Biomedical livestream and videos:
Click here to visit the Biomedical page.

Both the streams and single videos are made available in Youtube. You are more than welcome to share these within your network. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

We hope to welcome you again next year. Take care and stay connected by following our socials!

Kind regards,

Emiel Staring
Managing Director

Presenting our ‘live show’ host and guests

Marcel Wubbolts

Chief Science and Sustainability Officer at Corbion

Koen Janssen

VP Innovation, R&D and Sustainability at DSM Biomedical

Yvonne van der Meer

Scientific co-director at the Aachen Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials

Chair Sustainability of Chemicals and Materials at Maastricht University, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Ludo Diels

Vice chair of advisory board of SPIRE to the EC

Patricia Dankers

Full Professor Biomedical Materials at Eindhoven University of Technology

Bernard Mulder

General Director at RegMed XB

Rhiannon Grant

Postdoc at MERLN Institute for Technology Inspired Regenerative Medicine

Dannie van Osch

Postdoc at Eindhoven University of Technology/ CBO Vertoro

Emiel Staring

Managing Director at Chemelot InSciTe


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