• Wrap up of the 5th Annual Meeting of Chemelot InSciTe

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Talkshow ‘Connecting Communities’ by Marcel Wubbolts of Corbion.

Talkshow by Marcel Wubbolts of Corbion - in cooperation with Emiel Staring and Ingrid Grimbergen of Chemelot InSciTe

Featuring guests in the talkshow:
Patricia DankersKoen Janssen
Ludo DielsYvonne van der Meer
Bernard Mulder Rhiannon Grant
Dannie van Osch 

Separate biomedical and biobased sessions

Separate Biomedical and Biobased sessions which will be shown partly in parallel and partly as joint talkshow sessions

Parallel biobased sessions (in random order)
  • Biobased and circular engineering plastics

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    An innovative approach to recycle plastic waste stream materials into new applications of high value is now being developed with the support of InSciTe. Olga Goor of DSM Materials Science Center and Gerard Werumeus Buning of Maastricht University feel the urgency: ‘There is no planet B’.

  • What does it take to become an entrepreneur?

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    How do you let your start up flourish? Experienced entrepreneur Michael Boot (Vertoro) and starting entrepreneur Alex Roth (Maastricht University) share their learnings and future dreams.

  • Exploring a revolutionary and eco-friendly way to make high-performance polymers

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    DSM, Maastricht University, and Eindhoven University of Technology joined forces in a project aimed at eco-friendly solutions for making extra strong polymers by introducing new, unprecedented physical processes in extruders. Mohanraj Mani (Maastricht University) and Stijn van Leuken (TU/e) show how they cooperate.

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Course

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    Maastricht University and InSciTe developed the Life Cycle Assessment Course to train both LCA and non-LCA specialists to understand the validity of LCA results. Yvonne van der Meer and Pouya Samani (Maastricht University/AMIBM) reveal more about this popular course.

  • Bridging the gap between production and valorization

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    Paving the way for alternative feedstocks in the chemical industry, InSciTe aims to develop and pilot technology to produce crude lignin oil (CLO) from biomass. Dannie van Osch (TU/e) and Panos Kouris (TU/e) explain how the InSciTe pilot plant enabled the successful scale up of a lab recipe to crude lignin oil.

  • Creating a new value chain from agro to chemistry

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    Whether the industry can use lignin on a large scale to produce sustainable materials and chemicals is being explored by Bio Treat Center’s Ben Rooijackers, Pablo Outon of Indresmat and 4 other partners in the European co-funded research project ‘Meer doen met lignine’.

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